UPDATED: PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ Becomes the 5th “Most Viral Video” of All Time

I promised myself that I wouldn’t write anything more about this, but it seems to just keep getting bigger and bigger! There is no stopping “Gangnam Style.” Today, the extremely viral YouTube video hit 100 million views, a milestone they’ve managed to reach in just 52 days of its release. According to a study back in May from Visible Measures on the virality of Kony 2012, this makes Gangnam Style the 5th most viral video of all time.

It’s definitely amazing to think that PSY managed to even beat out social media giant Justin Bieber, whose manager, Scooter Braun, just signed PSY onto his Schoolboy Records label, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

Check out the graphic that our amazing graphic designer Drew Rueda put together below visualizing where “Gangnam Style” ranks in Visible Measures’ most viral videos of all time.

[Statistics taken from Visible Measure]

After many requests, we have updated our infographic on visualizing the virality of Gangnam Style with updated statistics! ENJOY!


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