Rapper Dies in Suspected DUI Car Crash Minutes after #YOLO Tweet

Even since rapper Drake uttered the prophetic words, “You only live once, that’s the motto, n***a YOLO,” in his song “The Anthem,” people worldwide have hashtagged it on Twitter ad nauseam and interpreted it however they pleased. Want to blow a lot of money on a yacht? YOLO!

Apparently, for aspiring rapper Inkyy (sometimes also known as “Jewelz) from Ontario, California, and his four other friends, their meaning of YOLO means getting really wasted after a three-day weekend, having his friend Jonathan Watson driving around at speeds of up to 120 mph and tweeting about it for everyone to see. Drake speaks the truth — you only live once, and these five men sure exemplified it.

Inkyy’s final tweet said it all about what would happen even though he wasn’t the one driving: “Driving tweeting sipping the cup #F**kIt YOLO I’m turning it up.” The final tweet from Inkyy has since been deleted though the person handling his account has referenced it in a later tweet.

All five lost their lives in the early morning hours of September 2 in Ontario when their 2005 Nissan Sentra lost control and smashed into a backyard wall, according to the San Bernardino County Sun. Nearly all of them died on the scene save for one who died at a nearby hospital an hour later.

Since the news broke in the past couple of weeks, reaction on Twitter has ranged from mockery of the driver and the rapper’s tweet to anger that five men are dead because of a poor decision. Twitter user @CrossinTheCosmo had one of the strongest reactions to this haunting tweet: “I won’t say R.I.P. @ink2flashyy because its his fault for dying. N***a driving drunk af going 120. He basically didn’t care if he died.”

If you want to see how Inkyy’s career could have been, check his YouTube music video below:

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