‘Socialist’? Obama’s ‘Redistribution’ Speech Goes Viral on YouTube

Days after Mitt Romney’s “47 percent”  speech became viral on YouTube, opponents of President Barack Obama have unearthed a speech he made nearly 15 years ago asserting that he supports “redistribution.”

He made the speech in 1998 at Loyola University in Chicago and user Nick Cruz made it public on YouTube Tuesday. Obama talks about a “propaganda campaign” against government services and wants them fully supported. But what the Republicans are focusing on is the end of this clip where Obama says that he wants to find a solution to how “government systems pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution.” Why? Because he actually “believes in redistribution,” which has been the Romney-Republican campaign’s main point of attack all along.

Is this President Obama’s gotcha moment? Will more videos of Obama and Romney in incriminating circumstances surface before election day? Tell us what you think below.

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