Samsung’s Facebook Gets Pwned by Apple iPhone Cult

Samsung should maybe think about manufacturing toilet paper instead, as they’re always seeming to get their ass wiped by Apple. The latest battleground was Samsung’s own Facebookpage, where some well-intentioned Samsung marketing flak posted the following query: If you could only take one electronic device onto a deserted island, what would it be? Despite an attached photo depicting the new Samsung Galaxy SIII being wielded in a tropical setting, an overwhelming majority of responders decided the device they’d most want to be marooned with is an Apple iPhone 5.

The ad, from an analytical standpoint, is a humongous success, generating 46,000 comments on Samsung’s page so far, but as for who is benefitting the most from it, the advantage definitely falls to Apple — and they haven’t had to do a thing.

As comments continue to pour in from the trolls of the Internet eager to chime in with their own two cents, all Samsung can do is sit there and grit their teeth. Retracting the ad would only bring more negative publicity. You’d think Samsung would learn to keep quiet after being snakebit by flamers over a recent ad which proclaimed that the SIII doesn’t “take a genius.” In that instance, commenters posted retorts to all the ways the South Korea-based company claimed its new phone technology was superior to Apple’s, and then capped off their photoshopping of the ad by calling Samsung “a bully.”, reporter Ina Fried correctly surmised that this sort of response would be expected from “anyone who’d used the Internet for longer than a week or so.”

This Facebook mishap is the latest stomping in a long line of defeats Apple has served up to Samsung, dating back to a court decision earlier this year, where a judge awarded Apple a billion dollar settlement in a patent-infringement case.

All things considered though, if I could only take one electronic device to a deserted island, more than the SIII or the iPhone, I’d side with the guy who said he’d take an “electric boat.” Score one more for the Internet.  


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