YouTube on YouTube: Shanna Malcolm Interviewed by Qaadir Howard [VIDEO]

Shanna Malcom is known as the comedic right-hand woman of Shane Dawson, the man behind the 8th most subscribed channel on YouTube. Shanna has just launched her own original YouTube comedy channel, HeyYoShanna, which already has 200,000 subscribers.

Shanna is funny, outrageous, outspoken. Shanna is going to make YouTube viewers laugh until their appendixes burst. Shanna named her internet connection “Ima cut you.” Shanna is not kidding – she will cut you.

Enter: Qaadir Howard. Qaadir is one of YouTube’s true originals. Qaadir is funny, outrageous, outspoken. Qaadir referred to Shanna’s manager as “Simba.” Qaadir wasn’t even clocking the T – he really meant to call Shanna and her manager “Timon and Pumbaa.” Qaadir interviews Shanna Malcom for NMR.

You’re welcome.



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