Tumblr’s ‘Smoking Jay Cutler’ Meme Is On Fire

Jay Cutler has what looks to be a three-pack-a-day habit — if you believe all the recent pictures that have surfaced depicting the Chicago Bears quarterback with a lip-grip on a cancer stick. Of course, considering that this is the Internet in an Adobe Photoshop world, you can’t believe anything you see anymore.

“Jay Cutler Smoking,” the latest meme to go viral from the world of Tumblr, is exactly what it sounds like: the famously sour-faced playmaker puffing on a ‘grit, often while on the football field. The best part is, though Cutler does not actually smoke, at first glance, he looks completely natural.Brandon Freeberg, the creator of this meme sensation, told NMRhe came up with the idea because:

“My former roommate is a huge Bears fan, and a few seasons back we were out watching a game when we started talking about how hilarious it was that it looked like Cutler doesn’t care about anything.  My roommate said it seemed like if he could, he’d be smoking a cigarette in the huddle.”

Freeberg says that idea stuck with him over the years, and he’d mention it anytime Cutler came up in conversation. And then:

“Last Thursday my friend sent an email out during Packers-Bears saying how Cutler’s facial expressions were pissing him off, which made me think about the smoking joke… the tumblr idea immediately followed.”

While Freeberg doesn’t know if Cutler himself knows about the meme yet, he states that the Windy City’s media certainly does, because “it got written up online by the Chicago Tribune.”

Freeberg, in the past, has created a few gifs from movies but this was his first attempt at doing something that could become a meme. Says Freeberg of Cutler, “I’m hoping a reporter has the courage to ask him about it some point before the game on Sunday.”

Or at the very least, ask if they can bum a smoke.

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