UPDATED: Teenage Girl’s Facebook Invite Ends in Rioting, Vandalism, Destruction [VIDEO]

I wrote a story a few months ago about how Facebook invites can go wrong when users aren’t careful. Had the teenage girl named in reports as “Merthe” read the article and made her 16th birthday Facebook invite private, riot police wouldn’t be preparing to clash with thousands of rowdy, drunk partygoers obsessed with the film “Project X” tonight.

Local officials have braced for a huge turnout for “Project X Haren,” — named after the city in which the hijacked party is taking place — and it’s been promoted extensively on social media and on a few dedicated websites. Authorities have tried to stop the event by banning alcohol sales and removing street signs to prevent vandalism. They’ve warned people that no party was happening and that anyone coming into the area would be arrested. The event’s name alludes to a recent film about three suburban teenagers who host an out-of-control party after their invite goes viral.

The party has also been hyped on YouTube:

Right now, the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad reports that a near riot is breaking out in Haren, Netherlands, with a YouTube video showing officers being pelted by trash and rocks by partygoers.

Moral of the story: if you don’t want the riot police showing up to your rager, keep your Facebook invites private.

UPDATE 9/22/12: Thousands of youth rioting at the Friday night event in the videos below

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