The Fine Brothers Join Philip DeFranco At Creative Network Revision3

Benny and Rafi Fine have creating viral videos down to a science. With their YouTube channel sporting over 1.7 million subscribers and over 300,000,000 video views, the Fine brothers have become industry leaders with their specific brand of YouTube skits and web shows.

The Fine brothers are the masterminds behind the wildly successful “Teens React,” “Kids React,” and web comedy series “MyMusicShow.” The directing duo was recently snatched up by creative network Revision3, which comes as no surprise considering that Revision3 has signed some of the biggest names in YouTube within the past year.


Ryan Vance, VP of programming at Revision3, explained the network’s choice to sign the brothers in a blog post praising Benny and Rafi’s commitment to producing excellent digital content:

“The Fine Brothers have been creating content in traditional and digital media since before YouTube and have had a steadfast dedication to quality and authenticity. They’ve been able to build up their loyal audience based on that dedication and now have over 350 million views, and close to 2 million subscribers on their main channel on YouTube.”

Revision3’s acquisition of the Fine brothers seems to tie in perfectly with the network’s attraction towards creators who produce content that appeals to both YouTube and mainstream audiences. Philip DeFranco under the Revision3 umbrella, has begun working outside of YouTube. Most notabe is DeFranco’s recent hosting gig on Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week.”

With Revision3 being acquired by Discovery earlier this year, the Fine brothers will almost certainly begin pushing their content outside of YouTube and more towards mainstream audiences.

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