The ‘Worst Movie Death Scene Ever’ and 5 other Tragically Funny Turkish Ripoffs

If you haven’t seen the “Worst movie death scene ever,” I suggest you take a break and watch this one minute of unintentional hilarity. This bizarre scene is from the 1973 Turkish film “Kareteci Kiz,” or “Karate Girl” in English. Turkish cinema isn’t limited to just making cheap exploitation films — it’s about blatantly remaking American classics with a near exact storyline and soundtrack.

According to a BBC article on the Turkish film industry, distributing American films were expensive during the 1950s to the 1980s. Instead, Turkish filmmakers simply made their own versions of box office hits like “Star Wars” and “ET” with tragically funny results. Luckily, American studios didn’t bother to sue many of these films for copyright infringement, so many of these remakes live on through YouTube and DVDs. Here are five of the most bizarre Turkish remakes out on YouTube:

Turkish Star Wars

This training scene from the Turkish “Star Wars” knockoff looks more like something out of a Bruce Lee movie than a George Lucas film. No light sabers here — just warriors punching rocks until their fists bleed.

Turkish Spiderman

Only Turkish directors could dream up Spiderman as the good guy and Captain America as the villain. Is this a statement against imperialism or directors not knowing their storylines?

Turkish Superman

The logo looks eerily similar, and the costume’s the same. Wait, how did Superman punch that villain from dry brush to forest in one second?

Turkish Batman [NSFW]

Something tells me it’s not a coincidence that the Turkish director of this Batman remake called his film “Bedmen.” Not only do Batman and Robin stun the villains with their acrobatics, they also bed ladies on the side. Now if I’m not mistaken, doesn’t the soundtrack sound similar to Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”?

Turkish “ET”

The “ET” in this film “Badi” looks like an obese Yoda with an inoperable brain tumor that emits disgusting vapors. When word got out of this knockoff, the Turkish distributors of “ET” actually sued for copyright infringement.

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