Create An Ad Free YouTube Music Playlist With

I literally can’t stop listening to Kanye West on YouTube. For a while now, I’ve been fed up with the reverie-destroying Carl’s Jr. and vodka ads that plague every Pandora and Spotify playlist. A person can only listen to so many ads about a pulled pork hamburger abomination before the allure of “free music” isn’t strong enough to make advertisements tolerable. My disenchantment with free music players quickly sent me searching through YouTube’s near-endless library of free music.

While the promise of ad-free music was attractive, listening on YouTube proved to be as distracting as most digital radios. Having to click into a YouTube tab after every song threw me off my workflow.

Luckily, YouTube aggregation site is the answer to my First World problems. lets users search YouTube’s vast video database and create playlists based on their selections. Now, every cover song on YouTube that you can’t stop playing can be thrown onto a TubeRadio playlist to be listened to ad nauseam.

The way works is simple. Users just have to type in an artist’s name or song title, and the site will search YouTube for corresponding videos. From there, users just have to drag and drop videos into the playlists they have created. works in one part as a music playlist and also as a video playlist creator. Videos brought up by TubeRadio’s search engine aren’t limited to only music videos; you can also queue up videos to watch consecutively without interruption. would be all but flawless if not for some of the streaming limitations placed on select videos. Vevo blocks from showing their videos on the site and instead asks users to watch them directly on YouTube. At the end of the day, Vevo wants people watching ads on YouTube, which is why allowing a third party like to aggregate their videos is bad for business. Because Vevo controls most of the music content on YouTube, some digging is required to find accessible mainstream music videos.

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