Today In Tumblr: The Rich Cats Of Instagram Are Replacing Kibble For Caviar

The United States is on the brink of a volatile middle-class uprising. The 99% has grown tired of begging for scraps from this country’s wealthy, who have grown fat on the blood and sweat of the working class. As the affluent continue to abuse their power, this powder keg of a country comes closer and closer to exploding. The tired and beaten are looking for any excuse to rise up, and it looks like those Wall Street fat cats have finally give them a reason to.

Rich Cats Of Instagram, in an effort to expose the divide between the average American and the ultra-wealthy has began posting photos of privileged cats committing truly despicable acts of excess. The gold-plated Tumblr documents the hedonistic feline behavior that has brought this country to a boiling point. These cats do not hide their riches but instead flaunt them, unafraid of reprisal from the poor. These kitties are the 1% and what is truly wrong with this country.

Also, many of them are dressed in human clothing, which is adorable.

Below are a few of the most outrageous, blood boiling and cavalier examples of cats living in the lap of luxury. Soak it up America.

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