Twitter News: Improved ‘Discover’ Feature to Continuously Stream Relevant Tweets to Users

Twitter is really beginning to look a lot like Facebook. Not only did the microblogging site introduce a “header photo” for all users a couple of weeks ago, but starting today, they’ve improved their “Discover” feature to show users “what’s happening now, tailored for you” through a constant stream of relevant tweets. Twitter introduced the tab in December for introducing essential news from the web and in May “added stronger signals and a new design that made it more personal for you with better stories and Tweets from people you know.” The “Discover” feature attempts to match users’ actual interests by featuring relevant tweets.

What makes the “Discover” feature different this time around is that it adds more context to the links that you’re about to read. For instance, if it’s an article link, you’re getting a summary of what it’s about. Instagram photos are viewed in their entirety instead of being linked to the Instagram website.

Not all Twitter users will get the new “Discover” feature just yet, however. Twitter is rolling this out “gradually,” and once all users get “Discover,” the experience will bear more similarities to its larger social media rival. This move will help Twitterers discover their similar interests as well as further revamp the platform as a destination site that extends users’ time exploring in-house.

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