Twitter’s New “Header Photo” Feature: More Like Facebook?

Twitter is mimicking Facebook by making minor changes to its layout, including the introduction of their version of the cover photo.

Celebrities like Ryan Seacrest and Matt Lauer have already taken advantage of the new “Header Photo,” which is Twitter’s term for cover photo.

The only difference between Facebook’s cover photo and Twitter’s “Header Photo” is that Twitter will have a text overlay that shows the user name, introduction, location and URL of their home page.

If you want to add a “Header Photo” on your Twitter page now, go to the cogwheel icon and click “Settings.” When you see the “Design” tab on the left side, click and scroll down. When you see “Customize your own,” click “Change header” and you can upload your desired photo. This option is also available on its newly updated app for the iPhone and iPad, which also makes it easier to view a profile’s photostream.

How are people on Twitter reacting to the layout changes? User @MoezMunir tweeted: “we use Twitter to get away from Facebook.. and then Twitter go ahead and make a layout like Facebook.”

Twitterer @jeeveswilliams told his fellow users not to panic: “Why would you complain about the new Twitter? It’s literally just an optional header photo. Not a complete layout redesign.”

Twitter’s addition of the “Header Photo” makes creators’ profiles stand out visually. The new “Header Photo” makes the Twitter page more of a destination instead of just a bland interface.

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