Watch This Now: Collective Soul Cat Has Viral Fever

This just in from the No-Shit Department: there’s a cute cat video on the Internet.

Collective Soul Cat, viewed nearly 1.5 million times (as of this posting) on Youtube, is not a video of some Grim Reaper kitty harvesting the souls of the weak and slothful, but rather a sharply edited 19-second morsel of feline rock. The cat, who I’ve decided is probably named something obscenely cute like “Chairman Meow” or “Cuddles Von Bismark” is captured singing the refrain from the 1993 smash single “Shine,” off grunge-rock band Collective Soul’s first studio album. Uploaded by user J.P. Coakley, it is the first of his 75 video uploads to go viral. Somebody needs to team this furry sensation up with ‘Keyboard Cat’ for a soulful take on “Cat Daddy.” Also, get Kate Upton to dance to it…just sayin’.    


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