Must Watch Video: ‘Gangnam Style’ on SNL is LOL

You know PSY-frenzy has reached critical mass when even “Saturday Night Live,” the show that wouldn’t die (see also: SIMPSONS, The) gets in on the pony rides. PSY popped on, did a quick cameo, signed some autographs, and even jetted down to the SNL after-party to kick it with the likes of Jason Sudeikis and whoever else is still on that show.

This is PSY’s umpteenth media appearance in the few short weeks since “Gangnam Style” broke onto the scene. I remember Sir Mix-a-Lot (well, well past his prime) once came to my hometown and did a concert. Allegedly, he refused to do “Baby Got Back” because he was tired of that song. I wonder how long before PSY starts feeling the same way?


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