Is Warner Brothers Bringing Looney Tunes To YouTube?

I was watching a RayWilliamJohnson video earlier today and like most partnered videos, YouTube played one of their TrueView ads. Before I could click the skip button, I heard a familiar tune that suddenly sent a rush of childhood memories and nostalgia. The ad played one of Warner Brothers’ new CGI Looney Tune shorts with Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner. I found the short extremely entertaining, and despite an animation upgrade I’m not used to, it seems that the guys at Warner Brothers haven’t lost their creative touch.

After the short ended, I couldn’t help but notice that they didn’t seem to be directly selling a specific product, which prompted me to click on the ad. This brought me to a YouTube channel called “LooneyTunes Shorts” that only had 2 videos uploaded in the past month. It seems that the creator of this YouTube channel is making a huge push to promote one of their videos, as the one I saw had almost 500,000 views while the other had only about 9,000.

The reception for the video has been relatively positive:

I’ve reached out to Warner Brothers for comment and will update this post once they get back to me. Until then, check out the short below!

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