Must Watch Video: Breaking Up With the Overly Attached Girlfriend

I love when memes hook up. This hot new YouTube video that is already over 1,000,000 views is the lovechild of the Overly Attached Girlfriend, Laina, and LifeAccordingtoJimmy star, Jimmy Tatro. In it, Jimmy realizes that dumping his doe-eyed hookup from a Fatburger bathroom isn’t as easy as… well… dumping Fatburger in a Fatburger bathroom.

Laina pulls off creepy with the ease of Hannibal Lecter, and it isn’t a far stretch of the imagination to imagine her going all Lorena Bobbit on Jimmy’s… lil’ jimmy. Just between you and me though, I don’t think Tatro realizes what a lucky guy he is. Most girls I know can’t be bothered to break free from the chains keeping them locked in my basement. Yeah, that Overly Attached Girlfriend seems like a real catch (starts whistling an eerie-sounding tune).

Bonus points for use of the line: “I wish I could live in your socks so I could be with you every step of the way.”

By the way, be on the lookout for Overly Attached Girlfriend’s date with NewMediaRockstars, dropping next week!