Watch This Now: Father Sends Son’s Favorite Toy Into Space, Shames All Parents

Oh, Internet, you know just how to pull on the old heartstrings, don’t you? If there is one thing that gets those tear ducts working, it’s a 2-minute father son story about childhood wonder and the great beyond. I think it’s safe to say that at one point in every little boy’s life, they wanted to be an astronaut. There’s something about space exploration that makes it the perfect fuel for every kid’s imagination. Unfortunately, for most of us, those dreams of sailing to the stars were crushed under the foot of things like “being an adult” and “reason.”

For one lucky kid, those dreams of seeing space have been realized thanks to his favorite toy and a camera attached to a weather balloon. In an act that will shame all deadbeat dads from here to eternity, creative director Ron Fugelseth flew his son’s favorite toy train 18 miles into space capturing the whole thing on a mounted HD camera. “A Toy Train in Space” is much more than great footage of space — it’s a testament to the joy of exploration.

What? No, I’m not crying. Shut up, it’s just seasonal allergies.