Watch This Now: Jimmy Fallon Sings Every Classic TV Theme Song In 5 Minutes

Television premier season is here, and like so many fallen autumn leaves, canceled sitcoms are being replaced by fresher more quirky pilot episodes. While most pilot episodes struggle to find their voice and end up being painfully dull, every premiere season seems to have at least one runaway hit. 2006 had NBC’s brilliant “30 Rock,” and 2009 introduced the world to the troubled yet superb “Community.” Many have credited the success of those shows to the pitch-perfect voices of Tina Fey and Dan Harmon, but I know what really makes them shine — the theme song.

The sitcom theme song has become a lost art form — something from a bygone era where teens moved in with their wealthy relatives after getting roughed up on West Philly basketball courts. It was a time where a sitcom’s theme song set the tone for an entire series with catchy lyrics and snappy instrumentals. People have been mourning the loss of traditional theme songs for years now but none more than those actually working in television.

In this video, late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon and the cast of the new sitcom “Guys with Kids” hit the stage to tackle every classic TV theme from “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” to “The Jeffersons.” Sit back, relax and be transported to a time when the words “Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool” still meant something.