Watch This Now: Rapper DMX Experiences An Existential Crisis While Using Google

Stop whatever you are doing right now; if you’re a doctor delivering a baby, it can wait. Putting out a fire? Let it burn and watch this video instead, because nothing, and I mean nothing, is better than watching New York rapper DMX trying to figure out the Internet.

If I were to list all the reasons that DMX is the world’s strangest man, it would result in a James Joyce-length novel. So instead, I’ll just give you a few choice bits of Dark Man X trivia to nibble on: DMX has no less than ten children; DMX once stabbed a man during Jay-Z’s “Hard Knock Life” tour; DMX was in the acclaimed film “Cradle 2 The Grave;” DMX is a goddamn maniac.

Now, with all that knowledge rattling around in your head, consider this: DMX has no idea how to use the Internet. Let me remind you that the year is 2012, computers have become completely portable, a rover is currently on Mars, and DMX thinks, “Computer words like ‘Google’ are funny.”

Take some alone time, sit back, relax and watch this adult multi-millionaire get completely overwhelmed at the prospect of Googling himself. Also, if you’re ever having a bad day, just remember that the same guy who wrote, “Keep Your Shit the Hardest,” uttered the following sentence: “They’re funny words. Like, just get a regular word, what the fuck is a ‘Google’?” A-MA-ZING

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