Watch Vimeo’s Top 10 Indie Alternatives To Last Night’s MTV VMAs

Last night’s MTV Video Music Awards were a testament to the once music driven-turned “Jersey Shore”-funded channel’s inability to embrace anything but the mainstream. The “award show” now seems to be just an opportunity for MTV to gather music’s most accessible celebrities into one venue to honor them for their already fanatical popularity. Categories such as “Best Video With a Message” and “Most Share-Worthy Video” replaced any opportunity for MTV to honor independent artists whose videos you probably didn’t see on the music channel.

Sensing MTV’s lack of willingness to cover any artist not signed to Sony, video-sharing site Vimeo compiled their own list of indie music videos worthy of accolades. The Alternative Music Videos or the “AMV’s” presented by Vimeo compiled the best videos that found true creativity through razor thin budgets and a natural aversion towards executives and marketing specialists. You won’t find these artists’ videos on any “Top 5 Party Time Countdowns;” instead, you can see them being shared in the quiet corners of the Internet among video and music enthusiasts alike.

Although the AMV’s were limited to a blog post at the official Vimeo blog, they carry the authenticity of a group of advocates and nominees who understand the artistic potential of lo-fi art. Check out Vimeo’s sections below.

Think Vimeo missed anything? If you say, “One Direction,” I’ll probably jump off a bridge. Let us know what you think below.

C2C – ‘The Beat’



Kidnap Kid – ‘Vehl’



Ellis Bahl – ‘? | Breezeblocks’



Niki & The Dove – ‘The Fox’



Delta Heavy – ‘Get By’



Kalle Mattson – ‘Water Falls’



Beirut – ‘The Rip Tide’



Graham Coxon – ‘What’ll It Take’



Portugal. The Man – ‘All Your Light’

White Paint – ‘Fitzroy’




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