YouTube Combines Channel Tabs For Quicker, More Efficient Video Browsing

YouTube seems to always be looking for new ways to simplify their user interface. Today, YouTube announced that they are merging the Feed and Video tabs into one “Browse Videos” tab. The previous tabs could be found at the top right corner of a YouTube channel’s menu but have now been replaced by the all-encompassing tab

Once visitors to your site click on the “Browse Videos” tab, by default they will be redirected to the Uploads menu. If users would like to view content sorted in different ways besides Uploads, all they need to do is click “Activity” and everything that was once in the Feed tab will show up.

This is another step YouTube has taken to make creator’s lives easier. By streamlining a channel’s browsing options, visitors will be able to find content quicker and more efficiently.

What do you think of YouTube’s small but impactful update? Let us know in the comments below.  

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