New YouTube Feature Lets You Translate Video Captions Into 300+ Languages

Many YouTube videos transcend languages, but what happens if you want to translate your comedy sketch into Inuktitut or Cantonese? YouTube is helping creators reach a global audience by expanding its translation program to more than 300 languages.

What’s the catch? Although 50 languages already have automatic translation provided by Google Translate, the 250+ other languages supported by YouTube need manual translation. You can do the translation yourself or you can ask others in the YouTube community for assistance with one of the many languages supported by this feature.

If you want to get started, remember to write up your caption track first, which places the captions inside your video. Then select “Request Translation” and choose which languages you’d like to translate in to. Since YouTube’s caption translation is linked to Google’s Translator Toolkit, creators and translators can work on interpreting script much faster and creators can see and edit the translation work in real time.

This expanded feature helps YouTube creators connect to an international audience. With 70 percent of YouTube viewers hailing from outside the United States, the company is ensuring that it will reach a global audience with diverse languages and interests. It’s important for creators who wish to conquer the world with their talents to take advantage of tools like the translate feature.

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