YouTube News: Content Creators Can Now Download Original Versions of their Uploaded Videos

Good news, YouTube Content Creators: It turns out you can take it with you when you go! According to the badass-named Google Data Liberation blog, their Google Takeout is now offering the ability to download the original versions of your uploaded videos in their original format (and not in obnoxious YouTube format)! Losing the masters of your original uploads is no longer a problem, Johnny Butterfingers. While you won’t be able to rip other people’s content and save it to your hard drive, you will be able to access and download the files found in your own account. Now the technology is still new, so you don’t yet get to pick and choose which files you download — you gotta grab them all. But a few extra copies of your Nana dancing to “Gangnam Style” at your sister’s wedding will be worth it once you have your Skyrim tutorial video safe on an external hard drive.

Here’s how to do it:

First, access the Google Takeout website through your browser (Jesus, I hope most of you didn’t need me to tell you this first step).

2. Select the “Choose Services” tab. It’s at the top of the page, so don’t make this more difficult on me than it has to be.

3. Click the YouTube button and then wait for your collection to pop up. Still with me? Good work, you.

4. Click “Create Archive.” Wait for the archive to build. If your computer is fast, grab a Fanta Strawberry. If your computer is slow, grab me a Fanta Strawberry too.

5. DOWNLOAD! (hope I didn’t scare you by typing it all big like that)

6. If Google asks you to log in again for “security reasons,” do it. If a Nairobi prince asks you to send him money, surprisingly, also do it. Tell him Jeff says, ‘what’s up.’

7. Sit back, drink your Fanta Strawberry, and know that all your precious footage is securely back where only viruses can get at it.

Looks like NMR can download some of our own videos in their original quality, like this one:

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