YouTube Responds to iOS 6 Removal With New & Improved iPhone App

Not letting Apple’s expected removal of their built-in app from the upcoming iOS 6.0 this week stand in their way, YouTube launched their newly-minted app for iPhones and iPods today.

Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods will no longer have a built-in YouTube app once iOS 6.0 comes out because the five-year licensing agreement between Apple and Google expired. The new, free YouTube app is available right now in the iTunes store.

In an official statement by YouTube, the site said: “Today we launched a new app available for download dedicated to giving users the best YouTube experience on iOS devices. The new app brings more videos and channels, makes it easier to find what you’re looking for, and gives you more ways to share the videos you love.”

Speaking to NMR, a YouTube spokesperson added: “The team focused on adding more videos and channels, making it easier to find what you’re looking for, and giving you more ways to share the videos you love.”

In addition to improved search and display features for users, this new app gives Google more control over running ads on YouTube, as the previous app did not allow ads because of Apple rules.

NMR tried out the new YouTube app, and here’s what we’ve observed about this new development in mobile entertainment:

Similarities To Facebook’s iPhone App Layout

When we first downloaded the app, the app asked us to swipe to go to the menu. The scroll-down menu is similar to the Facebook iPhone app with multiple categories. The account section on the top features your YouTube page, settings and the option of adding channels. The side menu also neatly organizes your subscriptions into one place as well as featured videos suggested by YouTube based on category. This helps users watch the latest videos from their subscribed channels.

Better YouTube Viewing and Interaction

In addition to its search improvements featuring suggestions and autocomplete, the YouTube app makes the viewing and interaction experience much simpler. We don’t have to wait for the video to be over in order to make a hoot about what we’re seeing anymore. If you place your iPhone upright while the video is running, you can view and make comments, read the video’s description and check out suggested videos. Though NMR hasn’t encountered ads yet, expect YouTube’s independent app to feature them sooner or later.

Now You Can Share

If you’ve got a video you like but aren’t anywhere near your laptop, the new YouTube app now lets you share that awesome cat video immediately. Share your favorite video on the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter and of course, Google+.

Overall, the new YouTube app for the iPhone and iPod is a step above its previous incarnation. Here’s hoping that the iPad app will be an improvement as well.

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