10 Best Gifs From Last Night’s Obama, Romney Debate [GALLERY]

Mitt Romney “won” big last night, both in the debates and on the Internet.

Possibly the only thing more entertaining than watching two esteemed politicians resort to schoolgirl name-calling antics is watching said politicians get turned into silly gifs. According to the Tumblr site Gifwich, Mitt Romney spent his evening eating hot dogs, Obama has a lightsaber fetish, and at some point, the two opponents kissed.

You can listen to me prattle on about what happens in these gifs, hassle me over the correct pronunciation of gif (it’s with a soft ‘g’ and essentially pronounced like “Jif”), or you can instead look over these fine examples of the medium, which I have ranked below in descending order of awesomeness.  (Click on the image to view the animation)

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