3 YouTube Layout Changes Google is Set to Make

According to OMG! Chrome!, Google has been slowly rolling out a newly designed YouTube layout to select users. Our friends at TechnoBuffalo were one of the lucky few that was able to test the new layout. After looking through all the screenshots I could find, I’ve compiled the top 3 most important changes:

1. More Google integration

You’ll notice immediately that it resembles the Google layout and color scheme. Also, the Google toolbar is now on top, allowing you access to other Google apps while you’re browsing through videos. In the past, we’ve seen Google making certain changes to further merge their social network and YouTube together, so this doesn’t come as a surprise to me. Having the ease of navigating through Google apps while on YouTube and vice-versa will allow more traffic to be driven (and more distractions for me while I’m trying to work!).

2. Quality Content Will be More Easily Accessible (?)

One change that I think creators will like is that YouTube has significantly extended the subscription tab on the bottom left side, which is now equipped with what seems to be the number of latest videos I haven’t watched yet on that particular channel. This change should help drive more views to the channels that viewers are subscribed to.

For the viewers, you’ll notice on the recommended videos section in the right that the like/dislike bar is now shown at the bottom of the video thumbnails. This will help counteract videos with misleading titles or thumbnails that are designed to entice users to click through.

3. Comments will look more aesthetically pleasing

Not too much to say here except that the comment layout is much cleaner. Check out the before and after screenshots, and you’ll see the difference.


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