5 DIY Halloween Costume Tutorials For The Unimaginative Amongst You

Good news, all you hepcats and hipsters: Halloween is a-rollin’ up on us. Finally, I have a reason to dress up like an axe murderer that won’t get me arrested. Since I’ve gotten my costume squared away, this doesn’t concern me, but for the rest of you, here are some dynamite quick-fixes, straight from the collective brains of YouTube, that won’t force you to blow wads of sweet moolah at ye olde costume shoppe. Watch, copy, and rule Halloween (as long as you’re the only one at the party who’s watched these tutorials, that is).

PSY of “Gangnam Style” (don’t deny it, you thought you were going to be the only one):




Lady Gaga-inspired (a novel idea and a hilarious vid):



Digital designs for the tech-savvy (and why would you be on this site if you weren’t?):



Lego Person Mini-Fig (not necessarily the best Lego Person costume around, but it’ll do in a pinch):




“The 80’s” Figureheads (Maverick, Lloyd Dobler, Teen Wolf, they’re all here and DIY cheap):


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