5 Makeup Tutorial Videos To Help You Achieve Halloween Glory

Halloween, for me, has always been more about the scary than the sexy. Don’t get me wrong, I think the sexy is the caramel on the apple or the candle in the pumpkin, but caramel and candles a fun Halloween do not make … unless you’re into the kinky stuff. The real meat and potatoes of All-Hallows-Eve is the spooky, the strange and the gruesome. And short of skinning some unwitting teenager to wear their face like a mask (I thought of it first, damnit!), the best way to achieve the spooky, strange and gruesome is to create the look with makeup.

For this Halloween’s best looks, NMR turned to YouTube and their dazzling array of costume makeup tutorials to bring you direct DIY know-how. You can thank me by giving me some of your candy (and none of those crappy Jolly Ranchers either). You don’t have to be a professional stylist with a full palette of color tones and creams to recreate these looks either, so your excuse for showing up as a “slightly cooler version of yourself” year after year will no longer wash.


Hellraiser’s Pinhead (for the Cenobite in you):


The ‘Unzipped Look’:


Exposed Skin (road rash is a bitch):


‘Anime Eyes’ That Would Make Lady Gaga Proud:


The only good doll is a Psycho Doll:



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