5 YouTube Videos to Help Creators Learn Green Screen Basics

Green screen technology was once a luxury only accessible to film studios and serious filmmakers, but it is now less expensive and more portable than you think. For YouTube, Vimeo and other online video site creators who need a dynamic, fascinating background for their vlog or for those who want to visualize settings from the depths of their imaginations for a web series, a green screen could be the answer.

It takes certain skills to master the green screen, like which lighting works for the setup, what background represents the video the most, and how to transplant a background into the video. Knowing your green screen tips right makes the difference between a brilliantly produced video and a video that looks awful and cheap. If the backgrounds in your videos aren’t something you’re proud of, here are five videos you should check out that will help you make the most of the green screen.


The Basics of Green Screen



Make Your Green Screen for Less



Making Your Lighting Work



What Not to Wear



Get the Best Paint for Your Green Screen