AOL Finally Relents And Announces Partnership With YouTube

Like a modern day Daniel Plainview, YouTube continues its march across the web snatching up all the oil-rich fields of the Internet as it goes. But instead of sweet, sweet black gold, YouTube is looking to strike it rich with media distribution partnerships.

Finally, after years of avoiding YouTube, AOL has agreed to start sharing content on the video-sharing site. The partnership will allow AOL child sites TechCrunch, Moviefone, Joystiq, and TUAW to possibly receive branded channels on YouTube.



YouTube won’t be paying AOL in advance for their content though. The partnership will work just like YouTube’s premium channels, with AOL providing content while YouTube hosts it. The two media giants will then split the profit, which I assume will be in the neighborhood of 12 gazillion dollars.

This new partnership between AOL and YouTube will be a great test for independent creators to see if their fan-driven popularity can stand up to the might of multi-billion dollar corporations. There are hundreds of successful tech and gaming channels on YouTube that don’t have the endless resources of AOL. Now that AOL is bringing their roster of tech and gaming content creators to YouTube, it will be interesting to see if fans stay loyal to the simple and resourceful channels that YouTube was built on.