LIVE NOW: BASE Jumper Set to Free Fall 23 Miles from Space in YouTube Live Stream Event

[UPDATE] Mission has been ABORTED due to gusty winds. Stand by for updates.

If you’ve been following the Red Bull YouTube channel recently, you’ve probably noticed two things. The first is that Red Bull and their team of athletes are crazier than Mitt Romney at a Big Bird piñata party.  The second is that base-jumping legend Felix Baumgartner has been practicing for something called “The Red Bull Stratos Mission.” Sounds pretty fun, right? Wrong.

This Monday at 6:00am PT, Baumgartner will rise 23 miles above Roswell, New Mexico in a helium-propelled capsule. Baumgartner will then jump 120,000 feet from the capsule, hopefully breaking the speed of sound in complete free fall. As if just knowing that information wasn’t terrifying enough, Red Bull will be presenting the entire event live on YouTube where viewers will be able see data explaining where Baumgartner is during the fall as well as his speed and his distance above Roswell.

During his descent, Baumgartner will also be speaking with Air Force Col. Joe Kittinger, who set the previous free fall record at 102,800 feet. Kittinger will be speaking with Baumgartner from mission control, which you will also be able to listen to via the live stream.

Weather conditions can get tricky when you’re throwing yourself 23 miles from space, so the official event date is extended throughout the next two weeks. You can check out all of Red Bull’s test videos and event information at their YouTube Channel.



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