Blip YouTube Series ‘Chug, Plug & Review’ Mixes Pop Culture Critiques With Alcohol

The League of Super Critics, a new Blip YouTube channel dedicated to giving the nitty-gritty on pop culture, has rolled out their newest series “Chug, Plug & Review” today. The web series has actress Ileana Douglas as its first host seamlessly mixing pop culture reviews with hideously irresponsible drinking. Guests on the program review a favorite film or television series and get to roll a “Dungeons and Dragons”-style die that determines the ingredients for the horrendous drink they have to “chug.”  The only rule for guests is “If you don’t chug, you don’t plug.” Here’s a breakdown on what to expect from your typical episode:

Chug: Guests have to drink irresponsibly when presenting their review by rolling a die to see what mystery ingredients they will have to blend before plugging their latest project.



Plug: Once they chug that mystery drink, the guest can talk about their latest project.



Review: The guest reviews a movie, television show or pop culture idea of their choice. In the first episode, Douglas gives her take on the 1978 musical movie “Grease.”



With guests like Ileana Douglas, “Chug, Plug & Review” provides a playful, quirky tone for pop culture reviews — especially since there’s alcohol involved. I am predicting that as the series progresses, the “chugs” will push to the point of toxicity.

As a former direct competitor to YouTube, this is a big move for Blip as it completes its transformation from a video-sharing site to an entertainment hub focusing on web series. Since Blip is now focused on producing and promoting web entertainment, this restructuring leaves a slightly smaller online video hosting market.

Watch the pilot episode with Ileana Douglas below and tell us what you think.


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