Blogger Hires Slapper To Lessen His Time on Facebook, Increase Productivity

If there’s anything hurting productivity these days, it’s the amount of time we spend on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can bet that many bosses just wish they could slap their employees silly to stop them from wasting valuable work time.

Maneesh Sethi, however, doesn’t mind getting slapped for wasting his time on Facebook. In fact, earlier this year, the writer and entrepreneur went on Craigslist looking for someone to slap him for $8 an hour as part of an experiment on social media habits. He said to the Huffington Post that he spent close to 30 hours per week on non-work-related sites, which was clearly hurting his productivity.

Since he hired Kara as his personal “slapper” in January to watch his productivity habits, Sethi said that his productivity increased by 98 percent the day she was hired. Of course, Kara got a chance to slap the heck out of Sethi as you’ll see in this very short YouTube clip.

Even though this video was posted back in January, it has recently gone viral and has been seen more than 130,000 times. Sethi has since taken his love for slaps abroad by uploading a video where he is slapped by 50 people on his trip to Colombia.

As for why he likes getting slapped around, he said to the Huffington Post: “I have a weird slapping thing. And people tend to love watching me get slapped!”


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