Candace Bailey | ‘Attack of the Show!’ Host

“Attack of The Show!” has had a long and fabled history of female co-hosts. After Sarah Lane left AOTS in 2006, the much-loved Olivia Munn stepped in to be longtime host Kevin Pereira’s trusty sidekick. In 2010, Munn bowed out, leaving the future of AOTS co-hosts undecided. That is, until the lovely and talented Candace Bailey came into the picture, and the rest is, as they say, history.

Gracing televisions five nights a week, Bailey’s unique blend of charm and wit has put her in the pantheon of most beloved AOTS hosts. Taking complete hosting control in 2012 after Pereira left for greener pastures, Bailey has hosted side by side with such notables as Chris Hardwick, Michael Ian Black and Rob Huebel.

In honor of her lead host promotion, we caught up with Bailey to talk about whether she’s going to stick around as co-host on “Attack of the Show!,” her favorite viral video and our shared obsession with magic.

What’s an unknown fact about you?

I can do magic. I love magic. I love magic! I just went to Magic Castle last week.

Don’t you have to be invited to Magic Castle?

Yeah! And they picked me to come up.

Were you in a trick?

Some cool one. It was like, “Does anybody have a dollar?” and I looked in my purse and I had five! And I was like, “I have a five-dollar bill,” and he’s like, “I need a dollar.” Nobody else was answering, and I was like, “Okay, I have a dollar,” and he’s like, “Come up to the front!” and I was like, “Oh shit.” Because I’m a host, so you would think that I would be good with that stuff, but the second I’m not in control, and I don’t know what’s going on, I get really, really nervous, but I was like I’ll be mad if I don’t go up there; I’ll be mad at myself. 

And it’s the Magic Castle.

And you can see it up front. And then he took my dollar, and he ripped the corner of it off. But you know like on your dollar you have a number, and it’s on the left and the right side, the same number. So he did this whole trick, and in the end there was this bag with a lemon in it that he pulled out, and he said it was some ancient skull or something. It just had like X’s on it as eyes and mouth, and he cut it open, and my little piece of the dollar was inside the lemon, and it had the same number, so it matched up. So it was my dollar, and I don’t know how that works. 

It was an unscathed lemon too, right?

It was a full lemon. It was a real lemon, and I had had the rest of the dollar in my cleavage because he told me to put it in my pocket, but I didn’t have a pocket, so I just stuck it right here, and I took it out so nobody was touching that and my dollar. It was crazy. I don’t understand how it happened, and I was so excited.

So you’ve been co-hosting “Attack of the Show” for just over a year now.

Almost two years.

You started in 2011.

Technically, I guess I started January of 2011, but my contract started November of 2010, so I’ve been there almost two years.

Now that you’re a regular feature on “Attack of the Show,” do you you still get nervous going out everyday and filming?

No, because I’ve made so many mistakes on the show. I mess up all the time; people are used to it. They know me, they know that I say weird things that don’t make any sense a lot of the time, so I really feel like I have nothing to fear now. It has been interesting though because we’ve had, since Kevin left, we’ve had a whole string of guest hosts, and usually they are there for a week so it is a new guest every week. We’ve never worked together before, so it’s interesting finding that chemistry … or not [laughs]. Right? The chemistry of hoping that it’s there — maybe I do get a little bit of butterflies from the Monday shows just because I don’t know exactly how it’s going to play out. 

Is there one guest host specifically that you really loved working with? I know you guys just had Michael Ian Black.

Yeah, we had Michael Ian Black this past week. He’s great. He is hysterical, and he did such a great job with the whole show. He’s very, very talented. Loved working with him. I really haven’t had — I take that back — there is one person that I didn’t enjoy working with, which I won’t say names, but everybody’s been really great, everybody’s different. They bring their own thing to the show, but it’s been really fun having a bunch of different people because you kind of never know what to expect, and I like that spontaneity. 

When you came on as a co-host, you were replacing Olivia Munn, who was a really loved co-host on “Attack of the Show.” Did you feel nervous replacing someone who was so beloved?

Yeah, I mean I didn’t really know what the reaction was going to be, because there is a bunch of us that were kind of testing for the part and working a week here, and then another girl tested, and it was such a long process that I think the audience was just not knowing or they had their favorites in mind that they wanted to replace Olivia, so I got a lot of positive feedback, but I also got a lot of haters like hating me that I replaced Olivia, and I wasn’t trying. I went in trying not to be anything like Olivia because we’re completely different, so instead of that I just went in being myself and hoping that people would embrace me eventually, and it’s worked out for me. I knew that if I tried to go in with the Olivia type of personality, then they’d call it; people would call it in a heartbeat and be like, “That’s not who she really is.” And I couldn’t fake that, so I figured the best thing for me to do was just be me and hope that people liked it. 

You guys have so many segments hosted by so many great people — do you have a segment that you particularly love the most on “Attack of the Show?”

I really like Around the Net, because we’re finding videos, and it is stuff that always makes me laugh, most always makes me laugh. It’s just always such random weird stuff, but I love DVDuesday, I love Fresh Ink. I like that our show has so many different aspects to it. I personally like when I get to go travel somewhere and do a segment, and then it airs later on in the week or in the month or whatever because it gives me the opportunity to do so many different things that I would have never done in my life. Like I went to Utah State University a month or two ago, which I had never been there and probably would never go there. Great place, but I tried on this vacuum wall ceiling thing where I climbed a three-story building on the outside with just this vacuum apparatus strapped to my back. When would I ever do something like that?  It was crazy, and it was hard as hell. I had like 40 pounds on my back that I had to use just my upper body strength. 

Wait, so what did the vacuum thing do?

Well, I was harnessed in case I fell, thank God, or had to give up. And when I got to the top, I let go of everything, and then they pulled me down. But it just suctions; it is kind of like a Spiderman thing or a “Mission Impossible” thing, but it would suction me to the wall, and then I would have to pull it off and re-suction it and climb up the whole way that way. 

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