Cartoon Network’s 20th Birthday Retrospective: Melt Your Face With Nostalgia

If your 20th birthday was anything like most young adults’, you probably spent it being bummed out that you still couldn’t buy booze while doing Whip-Its in your friend Barry’s basement. Not Cartoon Network though — the animation pioneers decided to blow the collective minds of anyone who has ever watched cartoons instead.

On October 1 (Cartoon Network’s birthday), they released a hyper-nostalgia-inducing retrospect of every major cartoon that has ever made an appearance on the channel. The two-minute video honors every animated man, beast and rainbow unicorn that shaped modern animation over the past 20 years.

The video was created by animation studio ILOVEDUST and scored by progressive DJ Diplo’s label, Mad Decent. Check out the animation below, then break out your old “Dexter’s Lab” DVDs.