Charlie to Bite More Fingers in New Web Series From Viral Studios

I hope Charlie’s brother has a lot more fingers…“Charlie Bit My Finger,” is arguably the best known viral video on the planet, what with it closing in on half a billion views. That puts it at #7 on YouTube’s Most Viewed of All Time chart, the highest spot for any homespun viral video (apparently, and I mention this often and with a degree of skepticism, Jennifer Lopez’ “On the Floor’ video has over 600,000,000 views). The question is, would you watch it as a web series?

The English brothers, Harry and Charlie (with participation from a third brother, Jasper) have inked a deal (well, their parents did, but I feel like these kids should be in their 30s, not the 8 and 6 that they are) to become the first offering of a new partnership between Rightster and Viral Spiral.

The venture between Rightster, the digital distribution studio, and Viral Spiral, the online management company, was announced today with the news that their newly formed Viral Studios would be producing the “Charlie Bit My Finger” web series. Additionally, Rightster will gain distribution access to Viral Spiral’s entire canon of videos, including “3-year-old Corn-hole Prodigy” (apparently, “corn-holing” is also a beanbag game) and “Lioness Wants to Eat Baby.” Lucky Rightster, right?

Harry & Charlie’s father, who uploaded the famous video online back in 2007 currently posts a new video of the boys to their YouTube channel every six weeks, but leaves out the important life moments — stuff like them learning to use the toilet, riding their bikes, or school plays, as it is important to him that the boys maintain a sense of privacy. No word on whether those private life moments were included in the web series deal to “sweeten the pot.”

Currently, it is estimated that the YouTube channel featuring the brothers makes an estimated £100,000 a year from advertising and t-shirt sales. For that kind of scratch, I’d let a precocious English baby bite my entire finger off.


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