Creative Studio Epipheo Launches New YouTube Web Series

Dedicating yourself to cataloging useful and thought-provoking information on the Web seems like an impossible task. After all, the Internet is the land of utterly useless information. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and type, “What is” into Google. Yeah, that’s right — “What is yolo?” is the fourth search result. Hard-hitting stuff.

When it comes to sorting through the endless junk found at your local Internet, Epipheo.TV is up for the challenge. In an introduction video created by Epipheo.TV, a narrator explains, “What we want from information is wisdom.” Wisdom is something that the YouTube channel is hoping to cultivate through a weekly series of animated shorts detailing all of life’s important issues.



Epipheo.TV is an offshoot of creative agency/animation studio Epipheo. The internationally based studio has created animated shorts for Google, Amazon and Facebook. Describing themselves as “a group of storytellers who see a new type of media emerging,” Epipheo creates 2D animations, websites, infographics and prints to help their clients present their ideas in fresh and innovative ways.

The Epipheo YouTube channel currently features animation videos explaining everything from how to survive a robot uprising to how a Ponzi scheme works. Starting October 2, Epipheo.TV will break down new and interesting topics as part of their official weekly web series. This means that each month Epipheo.TV will choose a user-submitted theme to work out.

Epipheo founding partner Jon Collins explains:

“Epipheo.TV is a YouTube channel with our own original content to share about the world and explain ideas. We believe that epiphanies change lives, and we also believe that one of the best ways to deliver an epiphany is through short animated videos, or what we call ’Epipheos.’”

Epipheo.TV’s maiden videos will focus around how politics work with a series of animated interviews and exposes.

Collins on what to expect from October’s Epipheo.TV uploads:

“We interviewed Anna Post, the great-great grand daughter of Emily Post, on ‘How to Talk about Politics without fighting.’  We are also explaining ‘How Much Power the President Has’, ‘Is There Too Much Money in Politics’ and ‘the difference between a Democracy and Republic.’”

You can check out Epipheo.TV here. In the meantime, check out this great animated short on a future with superhumans.