Dailymotion Nearly Doubles Monthly Videos Views, Plans Production Studio

Even though Dailymotion still has a long way to go in kicking YouTube from the top spot, the French video-sharing site is nearly doubling their monthly viewership in the United States, according to Beet.tv.

Roland Hamilton, Managing Director for Dailymotion in the United States, said on Beet.tv that the video-sharing site has grown to 232 million video views per month, up by 100 million from a year ago.

He added: “About 20 percent of our audience is on mobile now, and it’s been a really interesting part of the business that has grown for us.”

But he’s not resting on his laurels. Hamilton said that Dailymotion is getting involved in producing its own original channels in similar fashion to YouTube. One prominent original program coming to Dailymotion is “Bumbloods,” a comedy horror web series involving a zombie apocalypse. In addition, they are investing in a production studio in New York that would host in-house live programming. Like the YouTube creator spaces, it will also be open for independent producers to use.

Hamilton explains their support of the creative community: “[They’re] the ‘Motionmakers,’ and they’re producers that are uploading to our platform that we want to offer services to be able to increase the quality of that content and also give them just a place where we can have creative resources.”

While a new production studio for Dailymotion and their stars would surely boost the quality of programming and produce more live programming, the company is merely just playing catch up. If they want to truly succeed in the United States market, they will likely need to come up with more innovative ideas that will differentiate them from the Google juggernaut.

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