Dailymotion Seeks U.S Investors, Will It Be Enough To Take YouTube Down?

If you’ve been cognizant on this planet long enough, then you’ve heard of YouTube. The sheer enormity of YouTube’s success has guaranteed that the crowd-sourced video site will remain a household name for the foreseeable future. After YouTube, though, competing video sites drop significantly in terms of the public’s knowledge of their existence. Sites like Vimeo and Blip seem to have accepted that they cannot cross the gap between YouTube’s popularity and their own.

French video site Dailymotion, on the other hand, have put their blinders on and are aiming to take YouTube down. Dailymotion CEO Cedric Tournay told FOX Business recently, “The next step for us is to find a new partner in the U.S.” It’s reported that Dailymotion is currently seeking investors to purchase nearly 50% of the company. Tournay is hoping that selling shares of the company will lead to better “distribution, content and marketing” opportunities.

With the French video-sharing site creating battle plans to take on YouTube, the obvious question still remains: Does Dailymotion stand a chance?



Are The Numbers There?

While Dailymotion is ranked 8th in video destinations, compared to YouTube’s view numbers, they aren’t even in the same arena as Google’s video site. ComScore stats for July list Dailymotion as having 452 million video views, YouTube, on the other hand, saw around 19 billion views in the same month. The view disparity is monumental, and with YouTube’s new premium channel strategy, the difference may become even greater.

What about Content?

YouTube’s partner program has given rise to a new kind of internet celebrity. The direction and promotion of YouTube’s premium content is quickly revolutionizing how entertainment is viewed. Premium content on YouTube has attracted stars from both television and film, proving that the digital format is quickly being recognized as the gold standard for media consumption

Dailymotion lacks this kind of premium entertainment but makes up for it in raw uncensored material. YouTube’s censorship has always held the site back from capitalizing on the Internet’s two favorite themes — sex and violence. Dailymotion, however, has no misgivings about posting everything from boobs to bar fights.

How Confident Is Dailymotion?

In the same FOX Business article, Tournay explains that when both sites started up in 2005 that, “they (YouTube) were better than us.” The executives at Dailymotion understand that the battle to replace YouTube seems impossible, yet many stay optimistic. U.S. Managing Director for Dailymotion, Roland Hamilton said, “I think we want to close the gap a bit, for sure. We’ve made a ton of progress against huge players….”There’s room in the marketplace for more than one player, and we’re one of them.”

The Verdict

Dailymotion has a long way to go before they even begin to scratch the surface of YouTube’s unprecedented success. Dailymotion beating out YouTube first starts with an investor purchasing half of the company. From there, with near-perfect content strategies and incentives to draw digital talent away from YouTube, Dailymotion may have a shot at dethroning Google’s home of viral videos. But again, it’s a long shot; Dailymotion is competing against the omnipresent Google after all.

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