Dailymotion Web Series ‘Bumbloods’ Wants To Reanimate Comedy Horror [VIDEO]

The zombie genre, whether it is in television, movies or comics, is growing dangerously close to becoming oversaturated. With the success of every staggering slack-jawed zombie franchise, more and more filmmakers are looking to the dead for inspiration. As zombie content becomes even more compacted, creators have begun reinventing the genre in new and inventive ways. “The Walking Dead” introduced us to character studies within zombie comics while films like “Shaun of the Dead” proved that comedy could exist simultaneously with neck biting and brain eating.

In that same vein of comedy-horror, original Dailymotion web series “Bumbloods” takes the zombie apocalypse and looks at it through the lens of 20-something slackers. Episode one of “Bumbloods” introduces us to Jeremy and Mario as Jeremy suits up to rescue his girlfriend Grace. While the world falls apart around them, the duo fight to stay alive while making some tragically ineffective decisions on the way.

The majority of the comedic lifting in episode one of “Bumbloods” comes from Mario “KREPE” Krepeli as he faces the end of civilization with complete and utter disinterest. Jeremy plays the straight man with all the heroic ambitions of any great survival-horror protagonist. While Jeremy’s intentions are endlessly heroic in spirit, this of course is a comedy, and things naturally go terribly wrong.

“Bumbloods” is looking at an uphill battle when approaching the zombie-comedy genre. Not only has this type of show already been done to (ahem) death, but it’s been done really well. To add to the struggle, there are two standout zombie web series online right now, and one of them belongs to Machinima, who has endless resources and star talent. So, needless to say, “Bumbloods” will need to fight very hard to make it to the top. However, episode one proves that this is a show with an interesting deadpan style that isn’t new but is still very funny. If the following episodes of “Bumbloods” follow suit, this is one web series that won’t have trouble standing out.


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