Dear Businesses, This is How You Respond To a Facebook Rant With Awesomeness

Early last week, a man by the name of Richard Neill made a comedic post on BodyForms Facebook page. BodyForm is a European Maxi Pads company that’s known for its commercials on TV depicting woman having the time of their lives during their periods. Neill claims to have watched these videos as a kid and believed that this was the case for all women on their periods — that was until he got a girlfriend and found out the truth.

An “angered” Neill then took it upon himself to expose BodyForm’s lies with a Facebook rant post (see below). The post has gone viral since then and currently has over 84,000 likes.

In a surprising turn of events, BodyForm decided to have some fun with this and posted a YouTube video today responding to the user’s rant. Check out what BodyForm’s fictional CEO has to say in her response below:

Not only is this one of the best Facebook responses I’ve seen in my years as a social media consultant, but I also think that this is a genius way for BodyForm to capitalize on all the attention this single Facebook post is receiving on their page. By posting this video response, attention and traffic is directly driven back to their company and their page. This is free organic marketing at its best. In the era of marketing on the Internet, one of the biggest skills companies and creators need to acquire is being able to see trends and capitalizing on the them to the fullest. When done appropriately, you can potentially get some great awareness and traffic to your site, thereby driving significant increase and traffic for your brand (and did I mention for FREE too!?).