UPDATED: Donald Trump’s Obama Bombshell Is a Dud; Funny Twitter Reactions Are Not [GALLERY]

File Donald Trump’s latest attempt to discredit President Obama this morning as yet another “October surprise” that’s really a dud. For the past few days, America’s favorite blowhard has told everyone and their mother about a “secret” that could possibly change the outcome of the Presidential election.

He even talked to Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” morning show on Monday to build the secret up as “very big, bigger than anybody would know.”

After all that hype, guess what his secret was? He’s got a deal that President Obama “can’t refuse.” Trump will give $5 million to the President’s choice of charity — if the president releases his college transcripts and passport documents by Halloween.

Trump says in his YouTube video, “Mr. President, not only will I be happy and, by the way, totally satisfied, but the American people will be very happy, and those charities will be very happy.”

I would have thought that this bombshell would have been something more current like his handling of the Libya attacks or fudging unemployment numbers. No, it’s the fact that he wants more documents from the President, still unconvinced that he’s telling the truth about his life before politics.

Now that he’s released his “secret” on YouTube, all I can say is that it cost me 2 minutes and 45 seconds of my life I can never, ever get back. People on Twitter couldn’t agree more judging from the myriad of hilarious tweets mocking the billionaire minutes after releasing his so-called “bombshell.”

Trump, please leave the “October surprises” to the professional political hacks. Thank you.

[Update]: Stephen Colbert’s response to Donald Trump below.


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