‘Family Guy’s’ Seth MacFarlane Reveals Oscar Hosting News to His Dad in YouTube Video

Seth MacFarlane has been selected as the host for the next Academy Awards, and what better way to announce it than in a funny one-minute video for YouTube?

The YouTube clip, released in conjunction with a formal announcement today, features the “Family Guy” and “Ted” creator breaking the news to his father. Normally, any father hearing his son relate a big accomplishment like hosting the Oscars would gush with praise and excitement — not Ronald MacFarlane. Instead, he thought it was a good opportunity to give his son some used bathing suits, which displeases the younger MacFarlane. The whole thing turns in to a hilarious argument about swim trunks that involves the name-dropping of longtime Oscar host Billy Crystal.

Will Seth MacFarlane make a great Oscars host? Watch the clip below and tell us.

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