Flash Mob Orchestra Does ‘Star Wars Theme’ Like A Boss [VIDEO]

Flash mobs, surprisingly, are one of those things that always make me smile. I’ve never borne witness to a flash mob in person, and I would probably be furious if I was inconvenienced by the flash mob in even the tiniest way, but damn are they fun to see on YouTube, particularly when they aren’t orchestrated by Howie Mandel. FUN FACT: I’m going to try to sneak an anti-Howie Mandel reference into every article I write today.

On the other side of things, I will pretty much drunkenly tell anyone who will listen, that John Williams is the modern day Beethoven. I saw him “perform” at the Hollywood Bowl (I put perform in quotations because he is a conductor rather than an actual performer, not because I was insinuating that I saw him rubbing one out), and his roster of written songs was pretty much a back-to-back knockout of all the great modern movie themes (except “Jurassic Park” for some reason … WTF, John? I paid good money…).

So when a video emerges of a flash mob orchestra doing John Williams’ “Star Wars” theme on a busy street in Cologne, Germany (my second-favorite German city name!), you can pretty much imagine that it made me “perform” under my desk. Here I also mean conduct a symphony; get your mind out of the gutter.

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