Frank Ocean Gives his Thoughts on Novels, Jay-Z and Oreos in New Tumblr Post

There’s a reason why Frank Ocean is going places. Perhaps you’ll recognize his creative genius by checking out his Tumblr, the same Tumblr where he mentions his first love with a man. In Ocean’s most recent post, he goes on a fascinating stream-of-consciousness tangent about writing a novel, recording with Jay-Z and Pharrell, and Oreos.

He starts off by listing his latest aspirations: “I wanna write a novel about twins, some type of nature versus nurture tale. I’ve said that to a neighbor before. It’s an open ended idea. I want to start a car club. I’m playing with two names for it. I sketched a logo for it. It’s not there yet. I was going to build an arcade, the more I lived with that idea…the less it stuck.”

Ocean goes on another variety of topics from eating steaks for the first time in 10 years to figuring out that the “number one rule in relationships…is to just leave.” Then he talks about meeting Jay-Z and Pharrell in the studio and noting that they were like “old friends.” He ends his intense stream of consciousness with some very good advice about Oreos: “Oreos don’t work with almond milk like regular milk.”

I’m not sure if Frank Ocean’s the R&B/hip-hop equivalent of James Joyce yet (he’s got stiff competition from Lil B), but from reading this epic Tumblr post, it looks like he’s heading in that direction.

Read the full Tumblr post below:

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