‘Gangnam Style’ Becomes The Third Most Watched YouTube Video Of All Time

Hey, remember when I said that if I wrote one more thing aboutGangnam StyleI would probably drive my car right off a cliff? Well, I was kidding because here is another article about the seemingly immortal viral sensation.

It’s official: “Gangnam Style” is the third most-watched YouTube video of all time. This is a pretty important achievement for the Korean pop sensation especially as “Gangnam Style” didn’t necessarily gain all of its viral velocity from its musical merits alone. While the song’s bass-heavy club beat certainly got people’s heads bobbing, the “Gangnam Style” video was shared like the flu at a preschool because of its dedication to pure bat-shit insanity.

A few million views above “Gangnam Style” resides Jenny from the block’s “On the Floor” featuring celebrity suit-wearer Pitbull. Holding down the most viewed video of all time is Justin Bieber’s “Baby” featuring celebrity sex-enjoyer Ludacris.


While some people consider “On the Floor” and “Baby” to be “good music,” the videos aren’t being viewed again and again for the compelling content within them. They are simply being watched to hear the music they contain.

“Gangnam Style” on the other hand is being shared and viewed in two parts. On one hand, this is a painfully catchy pop anthem. On the other hand, when was the last time you saw something that compelling;? And don’t say “Avatar,” because that movie sucked.

With close to half a billion views, “Gangnam Style” is moving in to take down the Beebs and J Lo. Let’s just hope a group of middle-aged rich women don’t officially strangle what life was left out of Psy’s magnum opus …  goddamnit.


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