‘Go Home, You’re Drunk’ Meme Reminds Furniture Not To Drink [GALLERY]

Anybody who has ever tossed back the sauce can relate to these photos of furniture, animals, and even a piano who blacked out after a hard night out. They say, “Liquor before beer, never fear; beer before liquor, never sicker.” I say, “If it’s wet, drink it down; if it’s dry, wet it and drink it down anyway.” Clearly this saying makes no sense, but that’s the way you roll when you’re three sheets to the wind and looking for something to pee on.What I never agreed with was the omnipresent narrator, always instructing the subject of the photos to “go home.” They just got drunk; why would they go home?! This is the point at which shit goes off. Ain’t no party like a puke-and-rally party! Damn, is it Monday already?