15 Offensive Halloween Costumes to Get You Kicked Out Of The Office Party [GALLERY]

Every year, some wiseass thinks he’s got the inside line on most innovative costume at the party. And every year, that wiseass is surprised to find out that some other jerk had the same idea and they both end up looking stupid. This year, there should be roughly 40,000,000 PSY’s running around, each fighting to be the “head PSY” when “Gangnam Style” is inevitably played.  But sometimes, just sometimes, somebody comes up with something so completely wrong that no one else would dare copy it (at least, not regionally). That person is frequently dropped from all future guest lists and becomes a listless pariah, explaining to his fellow transients how he can’t get a respectable job now because a picture of him in his “epic” Halloween costume ended up on the Internet. This year, be on the lookout for James Holmes, dead Whitney Houston and the four-leaf-clover-of-Halloween-costumes: a black guy in Mitt Romney whiteface.

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