How Big Is Machinima?: NMR’s Official Infographic Has The Answer

It’s been a little while since we last put out an infographic. I know what you’re thinking: “You good-for-nothing louts, stop lounging about, and give me more information visualized as a graphic.” Listen, we know how it seems, but there’s an excuse — we swear! We’ve been working on something big, like really big.

Launched in 2007, multimedia company Machinima has been producing and distributing game-and-geek-centric content to the masses. Of course, by “masses” I mean their millions of devoted fans and followers.

So if you’re one of those millions who’ve been watching Machinima content and have also been wondering just what the company was all about, you’re in luck. Take a gander at the informational beast we created in partnership with Machinima below, an infographic known only as …


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